24 Hour challenge

Unbreakable consisting of 16 individuals is joining together in a common cause to raise funds for the David Nicklas Organ Donor Awareness Foundation through a 24-Hour Challenge. 

This simple, yet not easy, physical endurance challenge will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 8:00 am.  Starting point is Andy Brown Park East in Coppell, Texas. 

The 60-70+ mile walking route consists of 2 loops (one in Coppell and one in Las Colinas) and 1,000+ push-ups are optional.

Amount Raised

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Our Donors



Gregory Anderson
Robert Freedman
Law Offices of Michael Lowe
Tammy Richards
Jackie Chavez
Salon Silvana
William McCraney
Jim and Sylvia Obrien
Catherine M Maxey
George Ritcheske
Angela Pelaez
Edithann Ramey
Eliud Sangabriel
Terence Sivathasan
Linda Wilson
Mark McCraney
Minal Patel
Scott Sitton
Carol Margolis
Cindy Finch
Rohini Bajaj
Jason Rasmusson
Hannah Tamminen
Brian Swanson
Jodi L. Stephens
Amanda Martin
Denise Holland
William Tinsley
Jesus Irsula
Nishan Sivathasan
Farah Momen
Hudson White
Alex Beaty
Briana Rodriguez
Alaine Nelson
Michael Dyer
Kyle Noyes
Kenneth Wimberly
Kelly Hampton
Laura Nelson
Brian Oman
Anna Goodell
Allen Nelson
Matt Smentek
Julie Walter
Sarah Garrett
Derek Jett
Sarel Molina
Nicole Laumann
Karen McDonald
Mike and Linda Pool
Jorge Suaste
Alejandro Mejia
Stuart Bone
Helmut Cardenas
Bill & Elena Watson
Stephen Dye
Yvette Garcia
Walter Waters
Matthew Flory
Susan Hall
Krystle Kendrick
Jacob Medina
Brian Lord
Gregory Slaight
Jonathan Whalen

Peter Staub
Siva Sivathasan
Luis Borges
Michael McGill
George Prate
Farah Momen – Homeland Security Startup Studio Cohort
Sue Courts
Stuart Hill
Gregory Anderson
Nicole Platamone
Matthew Belecanech
Rebecca McCraney
David Baker
Chellye Tanberg
Karen Spottswood
Steven Zarate
Lane Kohring
Jeremy Lucas
Corinne Vick
Michael Bramer
7 Sister’s Boutique
Ben Horsey
Mary Danielle Batto
Anthony Giannetti
Soo Lee
Kimberly Jones
John DeStefano
Richard Bolech
Luz Rodriguez
Bobby Cox



Unbreakable team members

to participate in the Full Walk are:

  • Ken Wimberly
  • Matt McCraney
  • Will McCraney
  • Greg Anderson
  • Jake Anderson
  • Rob Freedman
  • Shayne Wilson
  • Dave Swanson
  • Trent Thurman
  • Alex Beaty
  • Jesus Irsula
  • Eliud Sangabriel
  • Luke Nelson
  • Terry Sivathasan

Half Walk participants are:

  • Mark McCraney
  • Michael Lowe


I’ll never quit   »   One more step   »   I’m exactly where I want to be 

24 Hour Challenge Participants

Bio – Ken Wimberly is the founder and visionary behind Legacy of Love, LLC. He is married to his soulmate, Amber, and has three children, Grace, Knox, and Kai.

Ken is a bit of a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of KW Net Lease Advisors, a commercial real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. He is a founding partner in Laundry Luv, a chain of laundromats with a mission to educate, equip, and inspire those in the communities where they serve. He is a co-founder of High Ridge Coaching and he is an investor and founding Operating Partner of Keller Williams Realty in Abilene, TX. He has 10 streams of passive income and 5 streams of active income.

Wimberly served his country during Gulf War I as an aircrew member flying aboard EP-3E aircraft as a CTR (cryptologist technician – Morse code) for the United States Navy, stationed in Misawa, Japan. He has also worked in the insurance/investment field and has held the Series 6, Series 7, and Series 63 investment licenses and the Group I insurance license. He formerly owned and operated a Perrotti’s Pizza restaurant in Arlington, TX near the UTA campus.

Bio – Dave Swanson (1977-) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and joined the military when he was 17 years old. For 12 years he served in the US Army, deployed to Sadr City, Iraq in 2004-2005, he was in over 100 firefights during his deployment, where he received the Bronze Star.

In 2007, he biked across America to raise money for several non-profits. In 2016, after completing his MBA from the University of Texas, Dave received the Dean’s Leadership and Service Award.

In 2017, he went to the summit of Mt. Ranier and published his first book, The Dot on the Left. He is a motivational speaker and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. Recently, he successfully completed the Everesting Challenge and has also opened his own store from his brand Goat Wrestling Perseverance.

Statement – “The day can’t go on forever, if it’s a bad one – focus on tomorrow – if it’s a good one – be grateful – whatever day it is, go to sleep with a smile”

Bio – Eliud Sangabriel (49) is a Commercial Real Estate Broker and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

His portfolio of business includes the United States Marshal Services (USMS) and Capital Investment groups. Eliud specializes in the disposition and acquisition of Commercial Real Estate investment assets in Dallas-Fort Worth, the State of Texas, and Nationally.

Eliud is a Coppell TX resident and happily married to Rochelle for the last 16 years; they have four children (Maya-11, Elijah-7, Lucas-5, and Bella-5). 

Eliud has enjoyed CrossFit, Bycicling, Triathlons, and ran several marathons, including two Boston marathons, is an active member of the community in Coppell; he loves adventure traveling.


Bio – Terry Sivathasan has been a resident of Coppell for over 35 years, completing kindergarten through 12th grade at CISD.  

He’s been with Cognizant Technologies for 10 years,  joining after completing undergrad at the University of Texas and grad school at the University of Oklahoma.  In his spare time he enjoys staying active: crossfit, ice hockey, soccer,  running and mountain biking.